Dear Lottery Sambad Today Result | 1PM 6PM 8PM | 19-10-2023

Dear Lottery Sambad Today

Dear Lottery Result Today was one of the first lottery companies that was founded and also one of the best in India now. There are three games daily that can be played. Each game can be played by anyone at a time or one by one.

Today’s Result

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Buying the tickets is a legal way to play the game. Only one game can be played or all three games can be played per day. Winners will get the bumper lottery jackpot amount. This is legal and played under the government’s supervision.

1pm, 6pm and 8pm games will be there in this lottery sambad. Mainly three games will be there. This lottery sambad is the leading game in India in the lottery right now. Results will be released at the same time in all the states.

Results are updated day by day and each result can be downloaded. Daily names of the lottery will be changing simultaneously. Each game has a different name. So the lottery sambad is a unique game to get experience.

If you win the lottery game then you will be rewarded with a fixed amount. Which is set by the lottery sambad company. Everyone is responsible for their own game because there will be profit and losses in each game. So all games cannot be won. We should just wait until our good time comes and win the lottery.

Dear & Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Price List

Rank No. of Prizes Prize Amount (in ₹) Super Prize Amount (in ₹)
1 1 99,00,000 1,00,000
Cons. 699 1,000 500
2 7,000 9,000 500
3 70,000 500 50
4 70,000 250 20
5 7,00,000 120 10

Dear Lottery Sambad

This game is very simple because the only thing we should do is buy a lottery ticket and wait for the results to show up. Some of the states play this game and it is legal in each and every state. This is organized and managed by the government of particular states.

Some of the states are Nagaland, Mizoram, West Bengal, Sikkim, Kerala, and so on. A lot of members play this game and are winning a huge amount of profit. This is India’s biggest lottery game and it is number one.

Popularity has been a simple thing for this game. Each and every player plays this game in order to win a huge amount.

Dear Lottery Result Today 1 pm

Lottery Sambad results are uploaded daily at 1pm. This is the first game of the day which will be released at 1pm. The 1pm Dhankesari result follows the 1pm result.

Dear Lottery Result Today 6pm

This is the second game of the day and the results are updated at 6pm in the evening in all the states. This is known as the 6pm results. The 6pm results are exciting and the 6pm Dhankesari result follows it.

Dear Lottery Result Today 8pm

This is an 8pm lottery game. This game is the same as the lottery sambad 1pm and 6pm games. This is updated daily at 8pm in all the states. 8pm Dhankesari results are also updated with this result also…

Dear & Nagaland Lottery Timetable

Day 1:00 PM 6:00 PM 8:00 PM
Monday Dear Dwarka Dear Desert Dear Finch
Tuesday Dear Godavari Dear Wave Dear Goose
Wednesday Dear Indus Dear Hill Dear Pelican
Thursday Dear Mahanadi Dear Lake Dear Sandpiper
Friday Dear Meghna Dear Mountain Dear Seagull
Saturday Dear Narmada Dear River Dear Stork
Sunday Dear Yamuna Dear Sea Dear Toucan

Today Nagaland State Lottery Sambad evening, night Results

This site only provides the results daily. The daily game names and daily game results are updated here. It is available on this site and also on the television of the Nagaland state.

You can also download the results quickly. As this is managed and also conducted by the Nagaland state government there will be no issues regarding the lottery game.

The ticket prices are so low and also affordable for everyone. A lot of people buy the tickets because there is no complex process to buy the ticket. It is easy and simple. Buy the ticket and wait for the results to get released.

How to Play Dear Lottery Sambad Game

First of all, go through with the game rules and then decide whether to play the game or not. Because it is precautionary.

  • The first step is to buy a ticket from any retailer that is the local ticket seller in your state.
  • Then you shall buy the ticket from him.
  • And then just wait for the results to be updated.
  • You can select which game to play and wait for the results to occur.
  • If the number matches the number in your ticket then you are the lucky winner.
  • This game doesn’t involve any kind of conspiracy which acts as an illegal activity.

How Can I Claim Dear Lottery Sambad Winner Prize

The steps are mentioned below, follow these to get your winning amount withdrawn.

  • First of all, you should carefully verify the number on the ticket and the number in the results.
  • If both match then you can apply for withdrawal.
  • Again the lottery officials will cross-check the results with your ticket.
  • Only if the ticket number and the results are the same and matched with each other then only you can proceed to the next step.

Provide the documents they ask and then your amount will be credited to your bank account or passed as a check. Or else you will get the amount in cash.


1. When’s the “dear live lottery” draw held?

Dear lottery sambad game, live lottery draw timings will be officially announced on the site itself. Go through it to know.

2. Who Developed a Dear Lottery Game?

Technologists have made a huge impact on this lottery game and more than 50 software engineers are working on this. Still, there are more investments.

3.  Is this dear 50 lottery result in today’s game legal in India?

Some of the states like mentioned above have the right to play this game legally.

4. Are there any taxes for withdrawal on “today’s dear lottery live” winnings?

Yes, there are taxes involved. It will be based on the total amount that you have won which gets a particular amount of tax attached to it.