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Nagaland State Lottery Result 03.06.2023 Today 8:00 PM

The Dear Lottery Sambad Result 2023 game is the same in every state but the names of the lottery game differed from one state to another. Because each and every day the lottery game names change. The same will happen in the Nagaland state lottery, West Bengal state lottery, and Sikkim state lottery. The results will be announced at the same time in all the states. The same three games are followed in all these states.

This lottery sambad game has been so improved with its technology that anyone can now see the results on the website itself. You will not have any risk for viewing the results. If you want to download the results it is also possible for you. The download will be in the format of a pdf. So the results link is provided here click on it to show the results of the lottery for the recent date. Dear Lottery Sambad Result.

The lottery game is for three times a day and the Result will occur in the site itself. You will see three results at three different times. 1pm results, 6pm results, and 8pm results. So this lottery sambad results are all available for you on the official site or this site. The results are updated daily. You can play any one of the games or else you can play all the three games by buying the tickets.

This lottery sambad is also known as the Dear lottery sambad. You will see many results available for you on the official site. You can download old results also easily. Before you see the results you should make sure that the results are verified and the state which has provided the result is legitimate or not. You can stand a chance to win the bumper lottery jackpot. So that this lottery sambad game should be a legal and verified result provided in any of your browsers when you search. If the results come in the favour of you then you are the lucky winner. One of the policies that we advise for the players is that everyone should be responsible while they play these kinds of Lottery games. They should know how and when to play the game with proper rules and regulations.

The lottery results are updated on the website so you can see them and whoever doesn’t have a mobile device can wait for one day and then it will be available in the newspapers. So this is one way to view the results. The participants will be so excited about the results that they will know if they have won or not.

Some of the West Bengal lottery game names are Bangasree Ichamati, Bangasree Damodar, and Bangabhumi Raidak. The prices also vary a little bit. Some of the games will have winning amounts in crores and some of them will have in lakhs. So the price of money varies. So similar to this some of the names practised by the Sikkim state lottery games are as Dear Ganga MorningDear Teesta Morning.

As mentioned above the names of the games are in various states. In Nagaland, the game names are practised like as Dear HawkDear Falcon, and Dear Ostrich. These are the names which are used in Nagaland state for everyday games. And also there are different names for West Bengal state lottery games also. You should know all these names because it will be helpful for you someday.

Everyday Dear Lottery Sambad Results Today 1 PM 6 PM and 8 pm 

So welcome to our website. You should know that this site gives you the full information about the lottery sambad results. The Dear lottery game is played under the government’s supervision. So this is a legal lottery game. The results are daily updated on this site. The results are also available for you on the official site also. When you purchase the lottery ticket you should visit this site for the upcoming results. Nagaland state lottery results, Sikkim state lottery results, West Bengal lottery results, Kerala lottery and many more state lottery results are updated here.

Today Dear Lottery Sambad Result 1pm, 6pm, 8pm

Daily the results are updated for you. Visit the site and click on the 1pm button for the 1pm results. You will see the 1pm results displayed there. Then you can download it also by clicking the download pdf option. Your result will be downloaded in the pdf format. Similar to that there are other two results 6pm and 8pm. The same process is followed to see the results also. This lottery sambad is also known as the dhankesari results.

People of Nagaland, Kerala, West Bengal, Sikkim and many more states will participate in this lottery game. The ticket price is only 6 rupees. Everyone can buy it easily and those who are below 18 cannot participate in this Dear Lottery result game. For the results to be seen quickly just bookmark this site or add it to your home screen so that you can find it very easily.

Latest Lottery Sambad Jackpot Playing Details

The lottery draws are started or held at 11:55, 4pm, 8pm IST. In all the states ticket cost may not be the same. The ticket cost will be varying from state to state. Get to know about that through any retailer in your state. You may know about the prize structure and also the price of the ticket from them themselves. The prize structure normally involves a grand prize, multiple prizes for secondary parts, and also consolation prizes.

Lottery Name Dear Lottery Result Printed Time Lottery Timing Publish Time
Dear Morning Lottery Result 01:00 PM Morning Lottery 01:10 PM
Dear Day Lottery Result 06:00 PM Afternoon Lottery 06:10 PM
Dear Evening Lottery Result 08:00 PM Evening Lottery 08:10 PM

Dear Lottery Sambad Playing Details

Name Of Days 01:00 PM (Morning) 06:00 PM (Day/Afternoon) 08:00 PM (Evening/Night)
Monday Dear Ganga Morning Dear Sun Dear Flamingo Evening
Tuesday Dear Teesta Morning Dear Moon Dear Parrot Evening
Wednesday Dear Torsa Morning Dear Mercury Dear Eagle Evening
Thursday Dear Padma Morning Dear Venus Dear Falcon Evening
Friday Dear Hooghly Morning Dear Earth Dear Vulture Evening
Saturday Dear Kosai Morning Dear Mars Dear Ostrich Evening
Sunday Dear Damodar Morning Dear Jupiter Dear Hawk Evening

Everyday Dear Lottery Sambad Result timings

The timings of the lottery game and its results are mentioned below. You can go through it and get to know about it. You can just visit the official site for more information. But the morning draw takes place at 11:55pm. And the results are updated at 1pm. The best draw will be at 4pm. And the results are updated at 6pm. Next, the 8pm lottery results take place at 8pm. The third draw takes place at 6:55pm then the results are at 8pm. You will know about it when the play the game.

  • Lottery Sambad Draw 11:55 am
  • Lottery Sambad Draw 4:00 pm
  • Lottery Sambad Draw 8:00 pm

The timings of the results are the same in all the states. You will know when you buy the ticket and when the results will be updated. So the draw timings are mentioned above you can just go through it. And still, if you are confused about the result timings, the results timings are mentioned below you can go through it.

  • Lottery Sambad Result 1:00 pm
  • Lottery Sambad Result 6:00 pm
  • Lottery Sambad Result 8:00 pm

Latest Sikkim State Dear Lottery Sambad Results

If you are still watching the live draw on YouTube, just don’t do it because the results are updated on this Dear Lottery Result Today site at a specified time. And the results can also be downloaded through this site. The downloaded results will be in the pdf format. The cost of the ticket is so cheap because everyone should afford the price without making it an issue and giving equality measures to everyone. So the winking amount for the 1pm results and morning results is 1 crore. Same as it is, the other two results will also be updated. The prize money may vary a little but not too much.

Sikkim state lottery results are updated initially. The Sikkim state lottery results take place three times a day. Before it was updated and played only once a day. That is at 1pm. So now it is more updated and the game is well maintained by the community. Now the lottery games are played at 1pm, 6pm and 8pm. These three lottery game results will be updated on the site daily. At the same time, along with these results, the Dhankesari results are also updated.

Prize List For Sikkim State’s Lottery Sambad Result

Detailed information is here. The ticket costs 6 rupees normally. You can also win a smaller amount when you are in second place or something. You will see more winners and they are given consolation prizes. The first prize amount will be 1 crore rupees. The results are streamed live on YouTube also. Some of the states have this facility that will be available for them on television also.

The Sikkim state lottery results may vary. Then your results are like in a different way. You should know that the results prize structure may vary and will not be the same everywhere.

Lottery Name Sikkim State Lottery Sambad
Lottery Time 01:00 PM
1st Prize Rs-1,00,000,00
2nd Prize Rs-1000
3rd Prize Rs-500
4th Prize Rs-250
5th Prize Rs-120
Cons Rs-9000

The results are updated on this site itself or on the official site. You will see daily updates of the results normally. You can also download the results. The Sikkim state lotteries are like the results will be printed in the newspapers the very next day. So buying a newspaper and seeing the results is not better than viewing the results on a site like this. So these results can be accessed by anyone and are easy to download.

Sikkim State Weekly Lottery Names/Weekly Game Chart

Day Lottery
Every Monday Dear Ganga Morning
Every Tuesday Dear Teesta Morning
Every Wednesday Dear Torsa Morning
Every Thursday Dear Padma Morning
Every Friday Dear Hooghly Morning
Every Saturday Dear Kosai Morning
Every Sunday Dear Damodar Morning

The opportunities of winning are more here. You will see this lottery game becoming popular in the coming days. You will not depend on anyone to play this game actually. Just you have to be lucky to become a rich person in only a day.

Today West Bengal State Dear Lottery Sambad Result

West Bengal states’ results are also updated on the official site. The results will be updated between 6 to 6:30 pm. The evening results are more fun when you are playing it. The ticket cost is the same and also the winning amount is similar to that of Nagaland. Then the results can be downloaded easily and firmly through the official site. The download will give you the pdf format print of the result so the pdf will be safe and settled in your device for future reference.

West Bengal state also practised this lottery game three times a day. The price of money differs in this state. The winning amount will be varying from lakhs to crores. The results of 1pm, 6pm and 8pm are also known as dhankesari results. It can also be viewed on YouTube also through its official channel.

This is also known as Sambad Lottery. So you will see more lottery tickets sold to play the Dear lottery game. The three games are very good to play and anyone who is above 18 can play the game with ease and without any issues.

Prize List For West Bengal State’s Lottery Sambad

West Bengal’s lottery sambad lottery sambad prize list is given below. You should go through it and then play the game of lottery. Because it will be very useful for you to know about the prize structure if you are from West Bengal. So the first, second and third draws are very astonishing to view. Because there will be a lot more players playing when they know about the prize money and structure.

Lottery Name West Bengal State Lottery
Lottery Time 06:00 PM
1st Prize Rs-1,00,000,00
Cons Rs-1000
2nd Prize Rs-9000
3rd Prize Rs-500
4th Prize Rs-250
5th Prize Rs-250

Weekly Games For Dear Lottery Sambad West Bengal

The weekly games of West Bengal differ from that of the dear lottery result today’s 8pm games. The West Bengal state offers weekly games to play the participants. So the weekly games are good to play and they are one of the games which are practised by many people. Because the prize money varies and also the rules vary a little. The games are organised weekly once and at any time. Normally on weekdays, these kinds of lottery games are organised. The odds of winning are very high and it is also called by the name Rajshree lottery sambad night.

Day Dear Lottery Name
Every  Monday Dear Sun Monday
Every  Tuesday Dear Moon Tuesday
Every  Wednesday Dear Mercury  Wednesday
Every  Thursday Dear Venus Thursday
Every  Friday Dear Earth Friday
Every  Saturday Dear Mars Saturday
Every  Sunday Dear Jupiter Sunday

Today Nagaland State Lottery Sambad evening, night Results

The Nagaland state lottery results today 8pm will be available on the site and also on the television of Nagaland. So it is easier now for you to view and download the results through this site. The results are drawn using a lottery machine which picks a number randomly without knowing anyone so this is a legally approved game of lottery practised in India.

The night results in the sense of the results of 8pm. The 8pm draw is one of the best draws of the lottery sambad game. The Nagaland state lottery provides the results of this game at 8pm. Daily the results are updated at 8pm itself.

The cash prizes are more in this game. This is organised and also maintained by the Nagaland state government. The Department of lottery sambad actually maintains all these activities so that there should be no issues performed or triggered in the state of Nagaland.

So to play the game the participants come from different regions and buy the ticket. Everyone can buy the ticket because the ticket price is affordable and easy to buy. So the results will be updated and the participants belonging to particular regions will be aware of the rules and will take a good lead into the game and if they are lucky their fate will end up as a successful one. Maharashtra, West Bengal and Nagaland states have similar rules and game activities. So you are aware of the game names and also the time so enjoy playing this lottery game.

Today’s Prize List Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result

As you know the first prize is the biggest prize ever that the dear lottery result today 1pm game offers. The second prize will be some lakhs and below remaining prizes are all smaller in amount. So the first prize will change the winner’s life at once.

The cash prize differentiates in many states and also here the same happens. Nagaland state prize structure is not the same as any other state. The prize structure includes first, second, third and fourth prizes and also it involves the consolation prize.

Lottery Name Nagaland  State Lottery
Lottery Time 08:00 PM
1st Prize Rs-1,00,000,00
2nd Prize Rs-9000
3rd Prize Rs-500
4th Prize Rs-250
5th Prize Rs-120
Cons Rs-1000

weekly game names For Nagaland State Lottery Sambad

You should be aware of the daily names given by the lottery Sambad games. The names of the games differ from day to day. The results are updated with different names. So you need to know about the names actually. So do not worry, some of the names which are practised in Nagaland are Lottery Sambad Today” and the “Dear Lottery” games. Know about these names more and more so that you will be aware of the game names easily.

Day Dear Lottery Sambad Name
Every  Monday Dear Flamingo Evening
Every  Tuesday Dear Parrot Evening
Every  Wednesday Dear Eagle Evening
Every  Thursday Dear Falcon Evening
Every  Friday Dear Vulture Evening
Every  Saturday Dear Ostrich Evening
Every  Sunday Dear Hawk Sunday

How To Play Dear Lottery Sambad

  • First, you should purchase a ticket from any retailer.
  • You can then choose your desired lottery game. It will be like the Nagaland state lottery, Sikkim state lottery and many others.
  • Then you should select a number and buy the ticket. Or else you can pick a ticket randomly.
  • Then you shall wait for the draw results to be updated.
  • If you are lucky and have won then you shall claim the winning amount.

Note: you should check the game rules in your specific region and progress.

How To Claim Dear Lottery Sambad Winner Prize

The steps to claim the winning amount in the lottery sambad morning game are mentioned below. This is the only way to claim the amount so go through it carefully.

  • Firstly you should verify your ticket with the official results and then confirm it with yourself once.
  • You should go to the retailer or visit the office for the submission of the ticket.
  • They will verify your ticket once and if it is approved you should fill out the application form of withdrawal.
  • After this, submit the ticket and then provide the documents specified by the department.
  • Within some specified time your winning amount will be credited to you.

Note: Depending on the region you are in, the winning amount will be varying. So before leading into this you should be aware of the rules and practise the correct procedures and go.

Application For Dear Lottery Sambad Winning Prize Claiming

Then you need to provide particular documents and then when they verify your identity your withdrawal will be confirmed and then they will reward you the amount through check or else through instalments. There are many ways to provide the funds but the decision will be made and the amount will be provided for you.

Before withdrawing the winning amount you should know about the rules of the game and the rules set for the withdrawal process. There will be some of your documents asked for withdrawal and before that, they will verify your ticket with the results; once it is verified, you will be asked to submit some of your documents.

  • You should click on the link provided here for the application to be downloaded.
  • Fill out the application form and then attach the required documents to it.
  • Submit the application form and then once the form has been verified your winning amount will be claimed soon.

Dear Lottery Sambad Allowance States In India today

The state’s names and some of the information about them are mentioned in the below part of the article. You will see many states involved with this game and also the government’s respective rules and policies. The government should allow these games to be played in the state if allowed they can play the game under the supervision of the government or else it is not practised. The decision powers are in the hands of the government.

Here is a list of some states in India which are currently allowing Lottery Sambad games:

  1. Nagaland: Nagaland as you know is a main state in India which comes under this lottery system and holds the main community of departments of dear result game.
  2. Sikkim: Sikkim state is another state which practises the lottery game. You will see many lottery Sambad games here with different prize structures and rules.
  3. Mizoram: This is also in the same location in India. This state also plays the lottery game. The rules differ in all these states but the game will be the same in all states.
  4. Arunachal Pradesh: This state is also a northeastern section of India. You will see many participants here also. Lottery games are practised daily here.
  5. Meghalaya: This state is also involved in the dear dear lottery game. This is a state which is in the northeast location of India.

The lottery game has been practised by some of the states in India. Also, the rules and policies change in each state. So this game is played in almost 13 states in India. Some of the state names are mentioned below. You will know about it. But the game is different in each state. But you should know that the names also differ when it comes to morning, afternoon and night games

  • Manipur State Lottery
  • West Bengal State Lottery
  • Sikkim State Lottery Punjab State Lottery
  • Assam State Lottery (Bodoland lottery)
  • Meghalaya State Lottery (Meghalaya Teer )
  • Kerala State Lottery
  • Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery
  • Nagaland State Lottery
  • Madhya Pradesh State Lottery
  • Mizoram State Lottery
  • Goa State Lottery
  • Maharashtra State Lottery

History Of Dear Lottery Sambad Game Live

At the heart of dear monthly lottery success rate is its dedicated team of over 1000 professionals, working continuously across various areas of states of lottery operations, service and marketing. Through their hard work and commitment, Dear Lottery has established itself as a leading game in the Indian lottery society.

Dear Lottery is a highly recommended name in the Indian lottery industry, renowned for its impressive turnover of over 2 billion USD. The company boasts an extensive network of dealers of game, stockists, and also the agents operating in particular states where lottery sales are permitted legally, and has maintained its dominance through continuous innovation and market research, always staying up-to-date with the latest trending segments and demands of society.

Established in 1991, dear lottery price has been distributing traditional paper lotteries all over and from various state governments and has experienced good significant growth over the years. One of the company’s standout features is its pioneering implementation of live telecasts of draw results on television. This is available in some of the states, making this the first lottery company in India to offer this kind of service to the participants.

dear monthly lottery result game has been accredited by WLA. There has been an achievement in meeting the criteria for reaching level one of WLA. So it was responsible for Gaming Framework in 2009.

The more risks and hard work that this lottery game has involved is the output now what we are seeing. Incredible success scenes all around. Because it’s fair maintenance and the set of rules which make the game fair and reliable.

This Lottery game has a lot of technology involved. Because the game is so simple we cannot think that this game is wasteful and easy to organise. There are more investments going on and also involving 50 software engineers for the development of the game and for the gaming technology division. The company is a sub-branch of the Asia Pacific Lottery Association. And also been involved with the World Lottery Association (WLA) since 2001.

FAQs About Dear lottery live to draw

When’s the “dear live lottery” draw held?

You can visit the official page of the Nagaland lottery department. You will know about the lottery results and about the draws. The draw is held at some of the specified times. And the information you are seeking will be available on the official site.

Are there any restrictions for participants before participating in the “dear lottery online” game?

The only rule that comes under the act of law is that every participant should be 18 and above in age. Below 18 no one can participate in this lottery game. If anyone breaks the law by playing the game at an early age then they are punished under the law of the government.

What does the “dear daily lottery result” game actually mean in India?

This is a lottery game which is played under the government’s supervision. You will have to buy the tickets and wait for the results to be updated, that’s it. This involves huge prize money and also a huge profit for the government.

How to participate in the “dear lottery rajal” game?

Participating is not a complex process in this lottery game. You need to buy a ticket from the retailer. And then you should wait for the results to be updated. So if the results are in favour of you then you will win the game and the prize money is yours.

How to check the dear 50 lottery result today 4pm?

Lottery results are updated in the newspapers and also on television channels. Some states have these implementations. In some states, there are various outcomes for the results. The best you can do is to view the results on this site. The results are updated daily and at the correct time.

Is this dear 50 lottery result today game legal in India?

As you know this lottery game is played in many states. So the Nagaland state has the legal governance over this. So it is considered as a legal activity. This result of dear lottery today game consists of certain rules. The rules and the guidelines may vary in many states. As the Nagaland state has considered this as a legal lottery game, this has been a legal game in India also. But before playing this game you should know the rules and the policies that are mentioned to play the game. Wherever you are and if the lottery game is played there you should know about the rules and also the policies assigned to play the game. So this makes this game a legal activity to practise. There is no issue related to this game. Just the participants should be aware of the laws and the rules that the game contains.

Are there any taxes for withdrawal on “today dear lottery live” winnings?

There are taxes involved in the winning amount. When you need to withdraw the amount you need to clarify the winning taxes and the laws implemented for that section. Know about the authorities and also the tax implications which are there for the withdrawal amount.