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August 17.08.2023 (8 PM)

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This Nagaland state lottery result today 8 pm time is one of the best lottery game times. Because people will buy a lot for this game. Dear Hawk evening results is the name given by the lottery. This name is practiced in the Nagaland state. The time of this lottery is 8pm. The participants wait eagerly for this game to be played. And this is organized by the Nagaland state government. Because of the attractive prize money, the number of participants increases.

The results for this game can also be checked on the official site. You should know that this site also offers you to view the results and download them. The Dear Hawk evening lottery game is famous because of its huge winning amount. This game is becoming more popular nowadays. The winning amount makes a huge difference in this game. Participants should buy the ticket and wait for their luck to turn up. If they are lucky then the winning amount will be in their favour. This game actually makes the winners lucky. So this game is loved by everyone.

There are more attractive prizes offered by the lottery game. This is not the only one-time-based game. The lottery arranges the game in a format that is played three times a day. But this 8pm lottery game is more famous in Nagaland lottery fax which is called the Dear Hawk evening game lottery.

The lottery game has turned the fate of every state’s government. Because this practice has been for the past few years and also executing this process the government has been released from the problems like scarcity, poverty, and others. It is played under the supervision of the state government. So it is highly secured and regulated. The results can be checked on the official site and also on this site only. Daily results will be updated. The Nagaland Rajya lottery is updated based on the government’s order and policies. This has become a major source of income for the government and now it has overcome some of the problems related to social and economic programs.

So today lottery Result Nagaland game is becoming more popular throughout some states. The process is very easy to execute and claiming the winning amount is also easy. Everything is easy to execute in this lottery game.

Details about the Dear Hawk Evening Sunday Lottery Result 8pm Nagaland state

Nagaland states lottery results are updated daily on this site and also on the official site. The 8pm games are so special for them because the participants think that is the lucky game that they can play. So the unique names for each day 8pm game are like Dear Vulture Evening, Dear Flamingo Evening, Dear Ostrich Evening, Dear Hawk Evening, Dear Parrot Evening Lottery result, Dear Eagle Evening, and Dear Falcon Evening Lotteries.

These games are practiced in the Nagaland state. These are the names given for the lottery game in Nagaland dear lottery result for each day. The names are different and should remember them.

And in West Bengal, you can see there are different names practiced by the lottery game. For the 6pm results game the lottery games are as Dear Venus Thursday, Dear Earth Friday, Dear Sun Monday, Dear Moon Tuesday, Dear Mercury Wednesday, Dear Mars Saturday, and Dear Jupiter Sunday. You should know all these because it will be helpful for you if any problems occur.

This lottery game is well-popularised in some states. The Nagaland lottery ticket, Sikkim, and West Bengal states play this game simultaneously. The number of participants is increasing. The game is conducted three times a day and it is not neglected. Each and every day the game is on and will be in process.

Nagaland State Dear Hawk Evening Sunday Lottery Result 8pm Prize Structure

Go through the table of content given below you will get to know how the game is played and what is the prize structure for each game in Nagaland.

How should we play The Nagaland State Dear Hawk Evening Sunday Lottery Game 8pm

The steps are mentioned here. You will know the step-by-step process of playing the lottery game easily. Go through these steps and enjoy playing the game.

  • First of all, you should purchase a ticket from any retailer that will be available in Nagaland state lottery 1 local organizer. So the retailer will provide you with a ticket for the lottery game.
  • You should then choose your desired number for the lottery jackpot or you can also pick a random ticket containing a random number. The ticket price is just 6 rupees. The winning amount will be big.
  • After this, you should wait for the draw to be updated. The results will be updated on the site. The official site also provides you with the result. If you wish to download the results you can visit the site and download.
  • Next, you should check the results and make sure that you have won or not. If you have won then you should verify yourself with the lottery ticket number with the results. After verification, it is confirmed that you have the same number in both the ticket and the results.
  • Next, you should be able to claim the prize within the date specified. There will be a limited time period for the winning amount to be claimed. So you should be aware and claim the prize money by contacting any of the lottery departments in Nagaland.

Make sure you know the rules before applying for the withdrawal process. You should know the winning amount claiming process and the players should be above 18. With proper documents and more, you should just clear the process with ease.

What is the procedure to Claim Nagaland State Dear Hawk Evening Sunday Lottery Result Winning Prize?

The winning amount can be claimed easily if you follow the steps mentioned below. You should know that there are a set of rules that come in front of us through many means. So you should know about all the rules set by the government. Dear Hawk Sunday evening lottery game is best to play in Nagaland Rajya lottery result.

Verifying the winning numbers

First of all the results will be updated on the site. You should see what is the number that has won in the result. Then you should compare the ticket with your selected number on it with the updated result. Then if the number matches you are the winner. Just for clarification, you need to verify the winning number again and again.

Keeping the tickets safe

The ticket purchase should be neat and clean until the game gets over or until the results are updated. The ticket is so important that you should not lose it somewhere or keep it somewhere. It should be kept in a safe place because the ticket is so important for proving it’s yours and if you win also you should show the ticket to the lottery department.

Visiting an authorized retailer

If the winning amount provided is less than the Mentioned amount then you will have to claim the remaining amount from the verified or authorized retailer. He will check the ticket and the prize that you have claimed. If the prize money is less then he will provide you with the remaining amount on the spot.

Visiting the Nagaland lottery guessing department office

The winning prize should be claimed by visiting the Department of lottery sambad in Nagaland state. The lottery office will provide the perfect information and the documents needed for the withdrawal process.

Providing proper documents and identification

Then you should submit the asked documents to the office for claiming the amount. The papers will be like an Aadhar card for your identification. And also they may ask for your DL, Voter ID, and so on. This is likely to be done when they want to make sure that it is you who has won the jackpot.

Submitting the ticket

After the process, you should submit the ticket to the office. Because the Ticket will no longer be valid. They may just give you the photocopy of the ticket or they only may keep it with them.

Receiving the prize money

After all these processes you will be a verified winner. So the prize amount will be provided for you through various means, like checks, installments, and so on. The withdrawal method will be decided and granted to you in the form of a winning amount.

Final Words

Finally, you should know that the rules implemented by the government are for your safety itself. Because there will be more spam going on with these types of lottery games. The Nagaland lottery list provides you with the best experience of this game. Know about the rules and then play the game every day. There will be a time specified for the winners to claim their winning amount. So you should claim the amount within that time given or else the winner will all be forfeited.