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August 17.08.2023 (1 PM)

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Dear Lottery Result Today 1pm is so famous that this lottery has a different number of players participating. Its unique winking price makes it more unique. That is why people love to play this 1pm lottery. Dear Damodar lottery Sunday morning results are the famous lottery which is played on Sunday only. Out of three times the lottery game is held, this one’s a special one.

And then it includes the 6pm lottery game also. The 6pm lottery game is similar to 1pm. The only difference is that they are updated at different times. Different results will be updated. Some of the names of this lottery game at 6pm in West Bengal are Dear Venus Thursday, Dear Earth Friday and Dear Jupiter Sunday.

Similar to these two the 8pm lottery game is also organised. The 8pm lottery game updates different results. All three games give different results. Some of the 8pm names of the 8pm game in Nagaland are Dear Flamingo Evening, Dear Ostrich Evening, and Dear Vulture Evening.

Players in this Dear Lottery Result Today 1pm morning game almost earn 1cr as the winning amount. Whereas the ticket price is only 6 rupees. This mainly depends on your luck. If you are lucky then you will be the winner of the lottery game. The Sikkim state lottery organizes this lottery sambad game with permission from the government.

It is legal and also organized under the supervision of the government of that state. In Sikkim state, the lottery results are called by different names which include 1pm morning games. The morning games are called Dear Tosra Morning, Dear Padma Morning, and Dear Damodar Morning. These are the names given for the lottery.

Details of Dear Damodar Sunday Morning Lottery Result 1pm

The table that is mentioned here provides you the information about the 1pm Sunday morning results. Dear Damodar morning results are the one which is more important for the players. So the information related to it like the prize money, result timings, ticket price and so on. Many contents related to your query will be present here. It’s Sikkim state results usually.

The information here is updated daily. Because if anything changes in the lottery game then you should know that. So this table has all the updated information and the present information. The results provided here are accurate and relevant.

Sikkim State Dear Damodar Morning game Sunday weekly Lottery 1pm Prize Structure

The  “Dear Hooghly Morning Lottery Result” is Sikkim state lottery game name. This game is held on Friday of every week. The morning lottery in Sikkim is just for 6 rupees. And the winning amount is 1 crore. This makes a big difference if any player wins.

How To Purchase the Tickets Of Sikkim State Dear Damodar Morning Lottery Sambad

Sikkim state morning game is the best game and that too the Dear Damodar Sunday morning results are most loved by everyone. To buy a lottery ticket in Sikkim you should know about the guidelines mentioned below.

  • You can purchase the ticket from the retailer or the local dealer of lottery tickets.
  • You can also choose the number or else you can buy the ticket randomly. If there is no issue you can pick a ticket with a random number.
  • Filling your personal information on the ticket is compulsory in Sikkim state.
  • Pay the said amount for the ticket to be yours.
  • And that’s it your ticket has been confirmed for the lottery jackpot. Then you should wait for the results to be updated at the given time.

Note: If you stand a chance to win the lottery game, you should verify the ticket number with the updated result number. You should not neglect this part.

How To Claim Sikkim State Dear Damodar Morning Lottery Winning Prize

Follow these steps to claim the winning amount in the lottery Sambad Sikkim state game. This involves the Dear Damodar Sunday morning results also.

  • First, verify the winning number with your selected number. There should not be any negligence while checking it.
  • You should sign at the backside of the ticket to get verified that it’s you.
  • Then you shall visit the organization with your proper IDs and with proper documents.
  • Fill out the forms if provided and complete all the tasks given.
  • Next, the prize money is issued for you through online modes of payment or by giving a check.

Note: The jurisdiction is to be followed because all states do not contain the same set of rules for the withdrawal process. So be aware of the rules and know about them.

1. What to do when I have won a prize?

After winning the prize you should contact one of the departments of the lottery. The Sikkim state lottery game is a famous one and you should follow the withdrawal process to claim the winning price.

2. What is the meaning of Sikkim State Dear Damodar Morning Lottery?

It is a lottery game which is played in Sikkim state. Which is considered the Sunday morning game of lottery and the results will be at 1pm sharp.

3. How can I receive my prize?

Depending on how much you have won the Department of Lottery will decide how to provide the winning funds for you. So it may be through installments, checks, and other processes will be initiated.

As mentioned above, note that you should know about the lottery features and rules completely. Because if you don’t know the rules you cannot just go front and execute the game’s process.

4. Who and all can participate in the lottery?

Anyone can participate actually. But the age limit is above 18. Above 18 can buy the ticket and play the game easily.

5. Where should I buy the ticket?

Tickets can be brought online also. You can buy it from the retailers present there. Sunday morning game and also the Sikkim states lottery game’s ticket can be purchased from the verified retailer.

6. What’s the prize structure for the Sikkim State Dear Damodar Morning Lottery game?

The actual price structure is mentioned in the above article. Just go through it. And also the first prize for the winner is 1 crore rupees.

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